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Royal Crown Derby Figurines & Paperweights

Posted by Joan 25/12/2020 0 Comment(s) Featured Products,

Royal Crown Derby Paperweights are a highly prized collectable. At Shanfields-Meyers we have many versions of this wonderful figurine. They are all NEW NEVER SOLD and most come in their original boxes.


Today we will enjoy the Chameleon, a Paperweight issued in 2003.

Imagine an English Estate with windows open and fans blowing. Papers had to be weighted down in offices and at homes. The paperweight fulfilled a unique purpose being both practical and adding elegance and beauty to the desk of the user. They are all hand painted bone china made in England.


Ever wonder what the Gold Plug was for on the bottom of the figurine? It is to be carefully pried off so that the paperweight can be filled with sand. This turns the figurine into a paperweight.


Here we introduce the Chameleon designed by John Albeit for Royal Crown Derby in 2003. He is painted in Cobalt Blue, Iron Red many other mineral based paints and 24Kt Gold among other traditional colours.


The number on the bottom of the Chameleon has a Roman Numeral denoting the date of manufacture. It is for sale on shanfields.com


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