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Anri Bel Arlequin Beautiful Harlequin 3"x5" long

NEW NEVER SOLD This hand painted Anri harlequin is made in Italy and hand carved and hand paint..


Anri Boy and Toys 101/2000 Sarah Kay 7" tall

NEW NEVER SOLD Anri of Italy makes the most beautiful wooden figurines in the world. This Boy w..


Anri Boy With Guitar and Cat & Dog 3" tall

NEW NEVER SOLD Anri wooden figurine Boy with Guitar and Cat & Dog is designed by Ferrnandiz..


Anri Fernandiz Piano Player 5"x5"

  NEW NEVER SOLD Anri wooden figurine Piano Player, designed by Fernandiz is made in Italy ..


Anri Flower Girl & Bunny by Ferrandiz 3" tall

NEW NEVER SOLD Anri wooden figurine Flower Girl with Bunny designed by Ferrandiz in Italy, It i..


Anri Goose Girl designed by Ferrandiz 4.5" tall

NEW NEVER SOLD This Anri wooden figurine is designed by Ferrnandiz and is 4.5 inches tall. She ..


Anri Pierrot Baby Love 293/1500 6.5" tall

NEW NEVER SOLD  Anri hand carved from wood figurine Pierrot Baby Love, It was designed by ..


Anri Pierrot With Dog 204/1500 6.5" tall

NEW NEVER SOLD Peirrot with Dog is an Anri figurine made of hand carved and painted wood. He is..


Anri With This Ring by Valentine 1084/4000 6.5" tall

NEW NEVER SOLD Anri figurine With This Ring wooden figurine is if a young boy in a tuxedo hidin..