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Belleek Basket Blue Forget-Me-Nots & Berries 6"

NEW IN BOX NEVER SOLD OR USED  Belleek giftware Woven Basket with Blue-Forget-Me-Not Flowers &a..

CA $136.99

Belleek Candle Stick 5" tall

NEW IN BOX Belleek Candlestick, hand painted in Ireland, Perian China that fires translucent,Ye..

CA $39.99

Belleek Cherry Blossom Vase 8.25" tall

NEW IN BOX Belleek  giftware Cherry Clossom vase made in Ireland and hand painted, This va..

CA $125.99

Belleek Cladagh Ring Holder 2" tall x 4.5" wide

NEW IN BOX Belleek CLADAGH ring holder cladagh design ...know where your rings are at all times..

CA $59.99

Belleek Egg Lustre Ware 5" long

NEW IN BOX Belleek Solid Egg in the lustre ware colour of a silvery gold trim, It is perian por..

CA $69.99

Belleek Fish Pin Tray 4" tall

NEW ON BOX Belleek Fish Pin Tray, perian porcelain fires transluscent, Fish nick nack tray made..

CA $129.99

Belleek HURRICANE VOTIVE Bacchus Mask 6.5" tall

NEW IN BOX Belleek HURRICANE VOTIVE Bacchus Mask 6.5" tall, 2 piece for use with tea light..

CA $89.99

Belleek Leprechaun figurine 4.4" tall

NEW IN BOX  Belleek figurine Leprechaun sitting on mushroom rare find, Made in Ireland of Peria..

CA $169.99

BELLEEK Parian Porcelain SMALL SWAN 3.5" tall NEW Ireland

NEW IN BOX Belleek Parian Porcelain, Small Swan, 3.5" tall, 4" long, 2.5" wide, ..

CA $63.99

Belleek Shell Centre Piece Bowl Lustre Ware Footed

NEW IN BOX Belleek Shell Centre Piece Bowl,Footed,  very rare, in the lustre ware col..

CA $389.99

Belleek Square Ashtray Luster Ware Flowers

NEW IN BOX Belleek Square Ashtray, canbe used as a pin tray, with Lusterware flowers embossed, ..

CA $59.99

Belleek Tea Pot 5" tall

NEW IN BOX Belleek dinnerware Tea Pot, Perian China that fires translucent, made in Ireland, ha..

CA $59.99

Belleek Woven Basket Vase With Pink Flowers

NEW IN BOX Belleek  giftware Woven Basket Vase with Pink Flowers, vase made in Ireland and..

CA $185.99

Belleek Coffee Pot Limpet 8" tall Shell Lustre Ware

NEW NEVER USED  Belleek dinnerware Limpet Coffee Pot Lustre Ware Trim, Shell Design, Paria..

CA $249.99

Belleek Tea Pot Pink Trim Shell Design

NEW NEVER USED  Belleek dinnerware Tea Pot Pink Trim, Shell Design, Parian porcelain, hand..

CA $189.99

Belleek Tea Pot Tridacna Lustre Ware

NEW NEVER USED  Belleek dinnerware Tridacna Tea Pot Lustre Ware Trim, Shell Design, P..

CA $189.99

Belleek Trellis Shamrock lamp

NEW NEVER SOLD OR USED  Bellek Trellis Shamrock lamp hand painted in Ireland, made of Pari..

CA $132.99