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Welcome to Shanfields.com!

We've gone back to our roots...


In order to serve you better, Shanfields-Meyers has updated our website to be even easier to use with mobile and other touch-screen devices.  Navigation should be more intuitive and information should now be easier to read on any device. And we've taken this opportunity to revert BACK to our original website name:  shanfields.com



Please update your bookmarks to use the shanfields.com domain, rather than shanfields.net.  If you forget, we will continue to forward requests for shanfields.net to the shanfields.com website.


In addition to improved usability, we have upgraded to a secure website.  While we continue to use Paypal as our payment processor and don't keep any financial information on our servers, a secure connection provides you with extra assurance that your username and password won't be accessible to others when you log in.


If you are a returning customer and have set up an account on this website, it should still be accessible using your current password.


We hope you enjoy your stay!

Our Terms and Conditions have been updated to address the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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